➵Shine on me in the darkness;
Shout your voice to the world;
omo you wanna learn about me?

陈露 — 17 — female 

Chinese blood born in Canada, (but people say I look Korean) and currently goes to boarding school in the us; i love pretty things and people kpop dancing/dance covers art pretty colors and such but i’m really a huge dork 

as you can see what is punctuation but sometimes i use it excessively;;;;; 

Ultimate bias is Zelo but out of the other groups my favorites are Jinyoung, and Taeyeon; also I’m really into Lee Hyunwoo as far as actors go.

I sometimes play League and DragonNest; ask if you want to play (but i’m usually really busy unless its a break)

You can message me or ask to follow my Twitter if you wanna be friends -u-


lovelies: yiyi angela tsuru michael dey mary mango

brandon isabelle tammy adrienne stephen christina su

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